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Money Management Strategies For Those Working Overseas

Money Management Strategies For Those Working Overseas

Money Management Strategies For Those Working Overseas Managing your finances while living abroad can be challenging. Overseas workers often find their personal wealth suspended across borders, with bank accounts in different countries and income in different currencies. Taxes, transaction fees, currency conversions, and restrictions around opening a bank account are common headaches an overseas worker will likely […]

ZamReal Property Forum 2017

ZamReal is a one-day forum centered around the Zambian Real Estate market. The conference brings together both local and regional high-calibre delegates including developers, investors, ministers, financiers as well as property professionals looking to expand their Zambian real estate business. Delegates will discuss key topics concerning property development and investment with a particular focus on […]

Why Working With A Real Estate Agent Benefits You

Assurance of the ZIEA Wondering what benefits you get engaging a real estate agent in your property transactions? There has been growing displeasure with services offered by “real estate agents” in Zambia, evident by the growing number of “anti-agent” peer to peer real estate platforms in an attempt to avoid using real estate agents. Common […]

Property Transfer Tax: Obligations on Property for Sell

Property Transfer Tax: Your Obligations on Property for Sell Who pays property transfer tax in Zambia? A common question sometimes in property transactions once the ideal real estate is found and buyer wants to move on transaction. Let’s begin by adding some definitions: Property in this case will be regarded as any land in Zambia […]

What Affects Perceived Property Value

Some of the features that help increase perceived property values are obvious-like a re-modeled bathroom, a modern kitchen, or a sought-after neighbourhood. But here are a few features and circumstances you may not have realised can affect your property values. The neighbours: Not every neighbourhood or community has an appealing perceived surrounding or neighbourhood. Your […]