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Find your next property to rent with us! No need to waste time "viewing" unsuitable options. PLAN ahead by filling out this short form so we understand your requirements better and we'll handle the rest and bring you the best-fit options.

Terms & Consent

The Applicant consents to the collection, use and disclosure of the Applicant’s information to applicable Landlords and/or agents of the Landlord to determine the suitability of the Applicant for the leasing of rental premises or real property, or make such other use of the information as BCA Properties deems appropriate. By submitting this form, The Applicant represents that all statements made above are true and correct. The Applicant authorizes the verification of the information contained in this application. This application is not a Rental or Lease Agreement. If this application is not accepted by any good-fit Landlord, any information submitted by the Applicant shall be returned for future use in developing a Tenant Vetting Database.

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