Property management

Property and facilities management involves overseeing all aspects of a property including compliance, financial, marketing and general maintenance of a property. BCA Properties offers property and facilities management services tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives as a property owner or property investor.

From “rental collection only” to “full service management”.

If you’ve owned any rental property for a while, you’ll agree that rental property can be financially rewarding but sometimes demands time and effort. This may kick you off pace with your core business or work. In some cases, a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach may not be a problem if you have the time and commitment needed. In most cases however, a DIY approach is simply not the best option for optimal rental income. All the more reason to consider engaging a professional property manager.

Do you need a property manager?

If your answer to any the following is YES then it’s time you considered engaging a property manager. Let’s chat…

Do you find yourself;

  • Lacking sufficient know-how in most aspects of managing property?
  • Showing vacant property to unqualified prospects or property “tourists”?
  • Concerned about the amount of time you’re committing to managing, marketing and maintaining your property?
  • Waiting for “No-Show” prospects at your vacant property for viewing appointments?
  • Having your tenants call at the Worst Possible Times? Or
  • *Are you living far away (abroad or in another town) from your rental property and you can’t personally oversee the property due to the distance?
Property management

Scope of Work

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Listing and marketing your property for rent is not always plain simple as taking random pictures and posting onto social media or listing with property portals for the masses. Properties require planned marketing and some targeted marketing with photos and videos professionally taken. Engage us and see the difference.

We are pro-active in our marketing efforts and employ/recommend best cost-efficient strategies specific to each property to ensure maximum returns. Ask us more about our strategies.

Potential tenants are vetted for standard, non-discriminatory background checks to ensure we give you the very best tenant pool possible. Specific screening on request from property owners is also available upon consultations. This may include clearance with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) where needed. Suitable prospects are then put forward for your selection before finalizing any agreements.

In addition to preparation of lease agreements and advising on key matters in any lease agreements that the property owner may want to use, we also ensure you are in compliance with all applicable compliance requirements. These include payments for Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) applicable tax on rental income, Lusaka City Council Property Rates, Ministry of Lands Ground Rent, any applicable trading or operating licenses, property insurance where applicable and any other compliance matters as need may arise.

Rent collection is also provided as part of the management services and this includes invoicing, collection and receipt of payments to keep track of rental payments. In cases where tenants fall behind on rental payment, we have a set of procedures to follow in obtaining rent from tenants in arrears. This is done within the law and in a systematic manner that seeks an amicable remedy for both parties.

Keeping your rental property in good condition is essential for ensuring and maintaining maximum return on your investment. Regular property inspections are important in achieving this goal. We have regular inspections and visits to your property at agreed schedules with tenants to make sure all is running well and tenants are happy.

We work with you in outlining any regular maintenance check list as you would like to be included as part of our management services. Anything beyond that is discussed with you beforehand and we offer our best advice on potential contractors or suppliers with whom we have established relationships with. Smaller repair works within an agreed amount will be taken care of without your involvement as part of our management fees where applicable.

Lastly, we offer advisory services where requested on your property investment and recommend best steps to take.

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