The Profitable Market of Student Housing in Zambia

Profitable Market of Student Housing in Zambia

The Profitable Market of Student Housing in Zambia: Exploring Investment Potential

Are you aware of the incredible investment potential in student housing (boarding houses) in Zambia? In this article, we delve into interesting trends and facts that shed light on this niche investment opportunity.

Zambia boasts a young and rapidly growing population, with an estimated 17 million people as of 2018, out of which over 45 per cent are below 15 years of age (Source: https://www.zamstats.gov.zm). This presents a promising market for student housing in the future. Additionally, approximately 20 per cent of the population falls within the 15 to 25 age bracket, constituting a current and expanding market for student housing.

The private sector’s increased involvement in tertiary education has resulted in a significant surge in student enrollments, with many institutions relying on external student housing facilities, commonly known as boarding houses. In Lusaka alone, there are now more than 26 tertiary institutions, serving both commuting day students and those in need of accommodation near these institutions.

These compelling demographic data and trends indicate substantial potential in the student housing property investment niche. While student housing appears to be a highly lucrative option, it’s crucial to plan your investment carefully before venturing into this specialized market. Before considering purpose-built student housing, explore the possibility of upgrading existing structures or homes to cater to student needs. Look for properties near tertiary institutions that can be easily renovated and adapted. Consider the number of rooms, bathrooms, and additional space that can be converted into beds or storage. These factors contribute to maximizing space utilization and potential revenue from your property investment.

Security, proximity to public transportation routes (bus stops, taxi ranks, etc.), and compliance with regulations from relevant authorities (town councils, health boards, etc.) are other key considerations. Ensuring full compliance with governing laws and regulations is vital. With careful planning, student housing can be an immensely profitable investment choice. As the number of tertiary institutions continues to grow and demand from both local and international students remains strong, this property investment niche deserves your keen attention.

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