Why Working With A Real Estate Agent Benefits You

Assurance of the ZIEA

Wondering what benefits you get engaging a real estate agent in your property transactions? There has been growing displeasure with services offered by “real estate agents” in Zambia, evident by the growing number of “anti-agent” peer to peer real estate platforms in an attempt to avoid using real estate agents. Common reason that has led to this has been the general public perception of real estate agents as untrustworthy, unprofessional and crooked individuals only after making a quick deal. This perception though has its roots from actual real-life experiences in which individuals purporting to be agents have been engaged in real estate transactions. Several unreported stories and police reported cases of “fake” agents swindling people are available for reference. The real problem is therefore that the general public continues to engage individuals purporting to be real estate agents illegally without any training or regulation from the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents (ZIEA).

So you might ask, what are the benefits of using ONLY ZIEA certified agents? For one, you get the assurance of the ZIEA safeguarding your interests backed by professional liability cover for any damages by a ZIEA agent. This gives you a peace of mind knowing fully well that when you work with a ZIEA certified agent, your real estate transactions are governed by agents or agencies that are regulated and easy to track down in case of any problems in your transactions. This is not the case with the many “fake” agents as they will not be under any institution’s regulation and are not obliged to act in any professional manner. Only ZIEA provides regulation and oversees the real estate sector in Zambia, it is therefore important to follow ZIEA updates and use only ZIEA registered agents whose names are published annually in the press and the ZIEA website and social media pages.

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