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Buying Property In Zambia: A Simplified Guide

Buying Property in Zambia: A Simplified Guide Buying property in Zambia is a fairly easy process that need not be complicated if proper procedure is followed and any potential loopholes checked. Whether you’re looking for land, farms for sale, houses for sale or any other investment property in Zambia, the process shouldn’t be complicate at all. If everything is laid out as agreed by all parties...

How To Get A Title Deed In Zambia

How To Get A Title Deed In Zambia - The Right Way! How does one get a title deed in Zambia? What is a title deed? Let’s begin with some definitions. According to Business Dictionary, A Title Deed is a “legal document (instrument) executed and acknowledged under the seal and in the presence of a notary, evidencing the right of ownership to a property described therein”. A notary is a person licensed...

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