Selling Real Estate in Zambia Can Be Complicated

6 Reasons to Use Real Estate Agents from the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents – Part 2

Selling Real Estate in Zambia Can Be Complicated

As with most businesses, real estate is also affected by changes in technology. In 2017, it seems our need for human help is ever-diminishing with the many disruptive technological innovations being developed rapidly. We have self-service airtime purchase machines, selfie sticks in place of photographers, self-driving cars quickly spreading and becoming mainstream, self-watering lawn systems, self-checkout and check ins, the list goes on! With all the technology available today, you would think real estate agency would be a dying career? Several innovations in the real estate sector have made it easy for practically anyone to advertise their own property if they have the time to do so fairly easy without the need for human help (in form of an agent). Property portals such as our partner portals www.property-zm.com and www.zambianhome.com are available for easy advertising of your own property to reach a wide audience. While these are great platforms for advertising, they do not offer the extra benefits a ZIEA certified agent/agency will provide you in your real estate transactions. They act more as a complimentary service more than anything whereas your ZIEA certified agent provides you value beyond technology.

With regards to selling real estate in Zambia, the process can be daunting and it helps to have the expertise of a ZIEA certified agent at hand throughout the process. While you may be able to “advertise” easily by yourself, agents will have a wider network of potential buyers and other agents to help find the best buyers for your property faster.

To avoid fraudulent transactions, your ZIEA agent will also carry out background due diligence on potential buyers thereby protecting you from any fraudulent transactions such as money laundering. ZIEA agents are monitored by the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) in Zambia, thus have anti-money laundering (AML) policies in place to your benefit as a seller. You do not want to find yourself at the wrong end of the law unknowingly.

Furthermore, a real estate transaction can be financially complex sometimes with technical contracts and procedures to follow. People like to have an expert or someone that regularly handles complicated transactions and procedures at hand when dealing with complicated transactions. This is why people still have financial advisors despite several financial technologies. It is the reason even the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) encourages people to use clearing agents when clearing goods. Anyone who does something regularly is a lot more reliable and careful at the task. So why would you avoid using a properly trained ZIEA agent to assist you in your real estate transactions?

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