Buying Property in Zambia Is Not So Easy

6 Reasons to Use Real Estate Agents from the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents – Part 3

Reason 3: Buying Property in Zambia Is Not So Easy

Buying property in most parts of the world is not as easy as 1 2 3 to be honest. Some buyers find it a complete hustle having to deal with all the necessary procedure needed to ensure your property investment is legal and worthwhile. This is no different in Zambia, and in fact, it is even more demanding in Zambia. The paper work, the verification and all the much-needed attention to detail may take a while if not handled right and you could find yourself buying from the wrong sellers with little due diligence done.

Even if the buyer comes into the transaction with all the cash, buying property in Zambia is no easy walk in the park. A buyer may get stressed out with all the paper work and mandatory requirements needed to buy a new property. Added to this are the myriad of meetings, dealing with conveyancing, seller’s agent, your lenders if any, and the registry departments to verify titles. Using your ZIEA registered agent eases all these worries and tasks throughout the transaction while also adding a further re-assurance of the ZIEA. They will practically hold your hand through the process so you never walk alone…

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