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How To Find Your Ideal Real Estate In Zambia

How To Find Your Ideal Real Estate In Zambia

How To Find Your Ideal Real Estate In Zambia – The Simpler Way!

When looking for real estate in Zambia, you may find the process to be somewhat frustrating and outright ridiculous if you do not use the right realtor. This may still be fairly frustrating even with the right realtor! Which is why BCA Properties aims to make finding your ideal real estate in Zambia simple, easy & smart.

On our website, you can search through our real estate sections; “for sale” section, “to rent” section, and “commercial real estate in Zambia” section to have a look at some of our listings. If you don’t find what you are looking for, simply contact us using one of our many platforms and we will find you options from either our privately listed real estate or realtor networks. Don’t forget to sign up to our “All Things Real Estate” mailing list and stay informed on all things real estate including insights, events, and featured listings via email. Click SIGN UP to join now. In addition or as an alternative, if you are a user of the WhatsApp messaging app, sign up to our broadcast lists instead. To sign up via WhatsApp now, Click JOIN NOW.

Using an Android powered device? Get our FREE Mobile App to make finding your ideal real estate in Zambia even smarter and more time-efficient. Set your preferred notification alerts for “properties for sale”, “properties to rent”, “commercial real estate”, open houses and other real estate related events. Utilize our mobile app and enjoy hustle-free real estate services. Currently, the app offers the following features with more features soon to be added;

  • Call or WhatsApp Message BCA Properties directly from the App
  • Share Directly to Multiple Media Available on Your Device (Phone, Tablet or Other)
  • Select “Notifications” to choose which alerts specifically you want from BCA Properties
  • Click “Looking For” to add a property(ies) you are looking for in Zambia
  • Choose “Add Property” to add your property(ies) to our database, website and mobile app, and click “for sell” or “to rent” tabs to browse some properties for sale or rent respectively
  • Don’t forget to “Rate this App” and “Share this App” with friends and family
  • Online Search: Search real estate by price, neighborhood, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and more
  • Full-Screen Photos: Scroll through vivid, full-screen photos of real estate property
  • Interactive Maps*: See neighbourhood maps with google maps where applicable right from your app. View maps in normal, satellite or terrain mode

No need for unproductive movements from one property to another wrong property. No more tours around neighbourhoods looking for your preferred real estate with several agents. Find real estate property the smarter way and set a viewing date only when satisfied with visuals or details presented to you.

BCA Properties upholds excellent and professional ethos that focus on collaboration and partnerships with like-minded stakeholders as key to ensure timely and efficient delivery on results for our clients. Try us out today!

Partner with us to Manage, Buy, Sell, Let, Rent and Develop your Real Estate property in Zambia.

Got something to say about our mobile app and website features? Or perhaps you have some features in mind that you would like added? We love feedback! Send us your feedback anytime at hello@bcaproperties.com or via WhatsApp, click to say HELLO.

Thank you for choosing BCA Properties.


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