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Who We Are:

BCA Properties is a property-focused division of Blackwell Consulting Allianz (BCA) LLC, a company registered in 2012 and incorporated in 2015.

BCA Properties is managed and run by a vibrant and innovative team with a focus on re-defining real estate service delivery and experience in both the residential and commercial markets. We are fully compliant with the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents (ZIEA) and maintain all relevant legal obligations for our industry. We are always looking to partner and collaborate with related stakeholders in the industry with similar ethos and objectives.

We aim to help the real estate industry move forward and ease the experience of managing, selling, buying and renting or letting real estate in Zambia. We have set out to raise the bar with regards to efficiency and the general representation you receive when dealing in real estate transactions and thus in turn deliver a more trustworthy, transparent, effective and efficient way of doing business with ease.

By fostering effective collaboration and trusted partnerships, our clients are assured of optimal efforts from us. This thus keeps you, our client at the centre of our focus. We aim to create and maintain genuine relationships with each lead and client we interact with therefore expanding our network and reach.

Our Vision

Our Vision is “to be an internationally recognized brand as a leading real estate company in Africa by 2025”

Our Mission

Our Mission is “to modernise and make efficient the process of managing, selling, buying, and renting or letting real estate by embracing effective collaboration, innovation, integrity and professionalism as our core business ethos”

Our Ethos

We uphold and work within the following as our guiding ethos;


We uphold honesty and transparency in all our transactions and dealings to ensure trust and peace of mind for all parties involved.


We uphold professionalism in all our dealings to ensure competence, quality and efficiency in our delivery of service.


We are constantly keen to stay ahead with innovative developments in the industry and embrace these to constantly improve.


Our driving force for all we do. Our enthusiasm and energy keeps us focused on our vision and mission as we provide service.