4 Reasons To Join Your Local Neighbourhood Association

4 Reasons to join your Local Neighbourhood Association or start one today!

There are plenty of reasons why you should join your local neighbourhood association. In this article we explore only 4 key reasons join your local neighbourhood association or start one if you do not have one in your neighbourhood already. As a resident or home owner, you naturally want to live and own property in a thriving and vibrant neighbourhood with all the necessary amenities and facilities needed in a great neighbourhood. Great neighbourhoods don’t just happen like magic! Someone has to put in the time, hard work and effort needed to achieve this. And that someone is you and your neighbours – Not BOMA (government)!  You will need to invest both time and money in building and strengthening your neighbourhood into what you want your neighbourhood to be as residents. And why would you do any of this you might ask? Here are a few good reasons…4 good reasons why you should join your local neighbourhood association or start one today.

  1. Good neighborhoods attract good neighbors

As a resident or home owner, you want to live in a neighbourhood free of negative vices such as crime and so on. Bad neighbourhoods tend to attract bad types of neighbours that consequently create even worse neighbourhoods to attract even worse neighbours! It’s a vicious cycle that has to be worked on and reversed quickly. If you put in the effort in ensuring reduced negative vices in your neighbourhood, you immediately start to attract more of the right neighbours into your neighbourhood as well.

Good neighbourhoods in turn mean increased returns on investment for home owners renting out their property as good neighbourhoods attract higher rent values. It also means better living conditions for all residents. By joining your local neighbourhood association, you can help by contributing and potentially running some programmes aimed at achieving overall improvements within your neighbourhood.

  1. Good neighbour-relations make good neighbourhoods

It’s always important for neighbours to interact often despite our modern-day busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles. This creates a sense of community and togetherness that increases overall enjoyment of living within your neighbourhood. Creating and maintaining good neighbour relations takes time and effort, and a good start is a common goal. By joining or organizing your local neighbourhood association, you help establish a common ground for meeting your neighbours – creating the environment for interactions among neighbours. Don’t just meet your neighbours at funerals! Get to know your neighbours.

  1. Influence decisions at local and municipal level

When you join or organize a local neighbourhood association formally, you may have the opportunity to be a decision maker for your local community. By taking up available leadership or pivotal roles, you have the power to influence the change you want to see around your community. Key decisions about planning, maintenance and so on are all influenced by well-organised neighbourhood associations.

Not happy about common problems in your community? For instance; bars and drinking places at every corner blasting loud music till the early hours of every morning, thefts, liter, power problems, water problems, poor roads or maintenance, poor service form your local police posts and so on. Join or organise a neighbourhood association and be a voice that is heard. Formal processes require formal organisations to lobby for change at municipal and city planning level – this is achievable through local neighbourhood associations.

  1. The Ripple Effect

Joining or starting a neighbourhood association can have a positive ripple effect across other neighbourhoods beyond your own in the long run. When success is evident in your neighbourhood due to your neighbourhood association activities, other neighbourhoods quickly take an interest to learn from you and your local neighbourhood association.

It is fairly obvious that Local Neighbourhood Associations can be a great way to develop neighbourhoods. No neighbourhood can thrive and overcome common challenges without the deliberate input of its residents. Take ownership of your neighbourhood today and be a responsible resident and citizen. The benefits will outlive you and your generations to come, but it has to start from somewhere. Make it start from you today.

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