We Understand the Zambian Real Estate Market

6 Reasons to Use Real Estate Agents from the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents continued…

Reason 5: We Understand the Zambian Real Estate Market and Learn from Key Players

Why Use a Real Estate Agent?

So, you have decided you have ample time to prioritize your property sell or rental marketing and related activities? But do you have the in-depth market know-how and clear objectivity to get the best deal on your property? Probably not right. Well, at least not as much as your trusted agent from the ZIEA would.

Your agent should know the market significantly better and that know-how will both save you time and help quicken results – either a quick sale or rental of your property. As a constant player in the industry, your trusted agent will know the prevailing market value range of different properties, the current trends as far as rentals and sales are concerned, what buyers or tenants are looking for and how best to position your property for a faster sell or let. Furthermore, the ZIEA registered agent will also benefit from a trusted network of long standing agencies (“the old big names of the industry”) through some sort of “under development” multi-listing platforms internally used by ZIEA agents.

Lastly, as a more neutral party, your agent is more likely to be better objective regarding your property value or property needs and hence will offer far better guidance on what renovations, asking rental price or sell price, and what timelines may be realistic or needed to close on the property. Need some free guidance on price or a free property appraisal* (Ts&Cs apply) in Zambia? Contact us today, click the contact icon on your bottom right-hand corner for contact options.

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