Your Real Estate Matters – Our Top Priority & Focus

6 Reasons to Use Real Estate Agents from the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents continued…

Reason 4: Your Real Estate Matters – Our Top Priority & Focus

Why use a real agent?

As a property owner, your own interests and other pressing priorities may likely split your focus as they call for your attention. Things like your job, family, other business hinder your full focus on getting your real estate sold or let out. Since your real estate is our core business, we stand in better place with single focus on closing the deal for you as soon as we possibly can, this is our singular aim!

Simply put, having a real estate agent/broker makes life easier! Imagine having to deal with tax matters, advertising, phone calls, viewings and paper work while still trying to get work done at the office or your core business running? It simply reduces your efficiency and takes you much longer in getting the property off the market doesn’t it?

While some property owners may have some time on them to do all the needed bits in getting the property sold or let out, many property owners still see the value in having an agent/broker whose sole focus is getting you the best deal in the quickest possible time frame. Had a bad experience with some agents in the past? Well, why not try out a new relationship with us? Click the contact icon on your right hand corner and say hello today. We are happy to show you the difference!

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