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Welcome to the BCA Properties website. We would like to introduce to you BCA Properties, Zambia’s foremost forward thinking real estate company. We aim to please and exceed expectations with our client focused services and solutions tailor made to suit each client’s needs.

BCA Properties embraces collaboration with all stack-holders in the real estate sector and we actively seek to increase partnerships with all players in the sector. Get is touch with us to partner with us.

Our service focus is on property management, property brokerage (agents) services, and property investment consultancy. Our vision will progressively grow in time to include other aspects of real estate interest in line with future partnerships. For a long time now, the real estate sector in Zambia, as is the case in most African countries has been slowly developing. Sometimes with a few unwanted developments coming into play. Among the unwanted developments has been poor regulation or lack thereof, scrupulous individuals masquerading as real estate agents, and in the recent times, money laundering activities in the sector. Due to this, a lot of property owners often have a negative perception of real estate agents and agencies, especially the less reputable and smaller agencies just starting out. Thankfully, The Zambia Institute of Estate Agents (ZIEA) has been working for a long time to address these challenges and has successfully implemented several progressive achievements and continues to implement measures to better regulate the industry.

In order to safeguard you as the consumer, it is important to always ensure your agent is registered with the institute as this enables ZIEA to come in should any misconduct be observed in the agent or agency you have engaged. ZIEA members are regulated and are expected to perform their duties within a set code of conduct that is professional and standard. This safeguards your interests and ensures that you can entrust your property business with any practicing member of ZIEA.

It is with this background that BCA Properties set up to offer outstanding service in the real estate sector and further help progress the sector with our forward thinking business approach. Our ethos is simple, global outlook with strong local insight. We are therefore poised to be your foremost real estate agency for all things real estate in Zambia. Our business background is built on ethical and professional world class customer-centric service delivery. Coupled with this, we are hungry to deliver and establish BCA Properties as Africa’s foremost real estate agency, birthed and developed in Africa.

We are proud and happy to introduce our services and solutions to you. Say hello today!

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