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We love keeping in touch with all our contacts and clients alike. To ensure we stay in touch with all our contacts and clients cordially, we want to ensure we are communicating only the right content to your individual needs. We recognize that not all content fits all! For this reason, we have now segmented or grouped our subscribers based on interest. This will ensure we only communicate on matters and updates that interest you…isn’t that great news?

To tell us your area of interest with regards to Real Estate, please EMAIL US stating what Real Estate updates interest your needs currently from the following groups or categories, we will do the rest for you and update your preferences from our end.

Alternatively, you can do so by yourself by clicking UPDATE PREFERENCES to update your preferences yourself.

Categories To Choose From (YOU MAY CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE):

1. Residential Real Estate – Find your next rental home easy…seat back and get alerts via email for residential developments for rent and new listings from our property management portfolio or clients. Also get listings for residential real estate for sale including new and upcoming developments in your area.

2. Commercial Real Estate – Keen on commercial real estate in Zambia? You should be! Find out why…commercial real estate listings and insights available to subscribers. Subscribe now.

3. Industrial Real Estate – Get listing updates and follow any news on industrial real estate in Zambia.

4. Farms – Get news and listings on all things farms in Zambia! From smallholdings to large farms / farmland, we have you covered. We cover both farms to lease and farms to buy.

5. Land – Get all the latest updates on listings, changes in regulations, land rates and other compliance matters and reminders right to your mailbox when and as needed.

6. International Investment Property – Get updates on listings for your potential international investments via email when and as available with details on investment yields, regulations and procedure.

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