July 2017

What are prospective tenants looking for?

What do prospective tenants look for? Every rational prospective tenant will have a checklist either mentally or on paper of what they are looking for in a rental property. This is what the screening process entails in part when screening potential tenants by your property manager. The more ticks your property gets on the prospective tenant’s checklist, the better chance of letting the property fairly...

Property Transfer Tax in Zambia: Obligations on Property for Sell

Who pays property transfer tax in Zambia? A common question sometimes in property transactions once the ideal real estate is found and buyer wants to move on transaction. Let’s begin by adding some definitions: Property in this case will be regarded as any land in Zambia including any buildings or additions made to or on the land at the time the transfer is effected or made. Property Transfer Tax (PTT)...

Your Tax Obligations on Rental Property

NOTE: 2022 Update here; 2022 Budget Changes on Rental Income Taxation Give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar. A little difficult most times to know everything that belongs to Caesar, perhaps Caesar owns far too much? Regardless, it is important to be compliant and avoid running into any potential trouble with the law. Ignorance is no defense. Recently, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has been...

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